Dafne la Ninfa


HOMEA village emerges from the time. Whereas it used to be besieged by pirates in the past, it is now a location wrapped in legends, traditions, art and Cuban identity. Trinidad and the Valle de los Ingenios (Valley of the Sugar Mills) wake up every morning and remember their past, while revering those symbols that identify the village anywhere in this planet. Today “Dafne la Ninfa”, the nymph of the trees and the water, invites you to meet her.

Visiting Trinidad and not coming to the Hostal “Dafne la Ninfa”, is missing the opportunity to know the love story that lies behind the name of this guest house. The warm welcome offered by Ana Gloria, a very cheerful, familiar and dynamic Cuban teacher, will make your stay in the third Cuban colonial village a pleasant one.

Ana Gloria is the typical Cuban woman. She’s nice and open, with the traditions of her country deep-rooted inside her, but at the same time she’s highly educated. She can communicate both in English and in Spanish. Meeting her is laughing at her jokes and also enjoying the gift she’s got for making coffee like nobody else, and for cooking a meal that even those who claim to have a fine and exquisite palate, and a proven knowledge in culinary matters, would be grateful for.

Of course, all these attentions are motivated by the origin of this hostal. The love to the family was responsible for its name, because that family business has been practiced for generations. From Ana Gloria, the hostess, to Dr. Marielkys and her seven-year-old daughter Daphne, who inspires her grandmother every day.

The history of the birth of this guesthouse dates back to the Greek mythology. Daphne was the name of a nymph, the tree nymph. Her story with god Apollo, full of fantasy, love and disdain, made her finally be transformed into a laurel tree, which since that very moment became a sacred tree for Apollo, and is used to crown winners.

Likewise, this name also inspired Drs. Marielkys and Edison to name their Dafne Andrea, hoping that she will grow up surrounded by different people, persons of all nationalities, and hoping that she will learn about their cultures, get in contact with the different languages, and finally become a winner.

Like little Daphne, the hostal named after her is closely intertwined with the most ancient cultures of universal history. Two different stories with a common link: love.

Just as the Greeks were inspired by Daphne, the nymph, this hostal is inspired by the love story born out of her. In a cozy atmosphere your stay will be as pleasant as possible, with good comfort, in a family and homelike environment, so that you can know the way Cubans are, and feel at home.

If you do not believe it, see the message that little Daphne, this seven-year-old girl, fruit of love, has for you:

Welcome all to this fabulous home, here you will find all the comforts you want. This is a fantastic place where you can accommodate yourselves in two rooms. Enjoy the fabulous Hostal Dafne la ninfa.

Attentively, the female director who is my mom, the male director, who is my dad, my granny who is the oldest director and I, the little director.

Come here, we wait for you with lots of love.

 Dafne Andrea
Hostal “Dafne la Ninfa”, a home that inspires love.